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Animal Related Service Occupations

Topics for "Animal Related Service Occupations"

  • YO-8200.0400-100 Animal Trainers 1

    Individuals who train animals for riding, security, performance, obedience, or assisting individuals with disabilities by accustoming the animal to human voice and contact and conditioning the animal to respond to commands. They may train performing or show animals, animal athletes, care-giving animals (e.g., dog guides), animals involved in search and rescue operations or police/security work and animals who carry pack loads or work as a part of a pack team; or provide obedience training for household pets. During the conditioning process, trainers provide animals with mental stimulation, physical exercise and husbandry care. In addition to their hands-on work with the animals, trainers often oversee other aspects of the animal's care such as diet preparation. Trainers often work in competitions or shows such as the circus or marine parks. Trainers who work in shows also may participate in educational programs for visitors and guests.