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  • YO Occupations 80

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    Individuals who have needs and interests in common based on their roles and responsibilities in their working environment.

  • YO-0200 Agricultural/Forestry and Related Occupations 35

    Individuals whose occupations are concerned with planting, cultivating, gathering, grading and/or sorting agricultural products; or inspecting agricultural commodities and facilities. Also included are individuals who provide related services such as logging timber tracts; catching, hunting and trapping animal life; or caring for the nation's forests. People involved in agricultural, forestry or related pursuits may work with food crops, animals, trees, shrubs and/or plants; and, depending on their jobs, may work outdoors or indoors. Establishments in this industry include farms, ranches, dairies, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards and hatcheries. Production also takes place in the country's natural habitats and on government-owned lands and waterways, as in the case of logging and fishing.

  • YO-0250 Architecture and Engineering Occupations 1

    Individuals whose occupations are concerned with the practical application of physical laws and principles of engineering or architecture for the development and utilization of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes and services.

  • YO-0300 Arts and Culture Occupations 12

    Individuals whose occupations are concerned with the creation, interpretation, preservation and/or exhibition of works and performances that use auditory, kinesthetic and visual phenomena to express ideas and emotions. Included are individuals who are involved in dance, film and video, museum work, music, opera, theater arts, design/applied arts and visual arts including crafts.

  • YO-1550 Community/Social Services Occupations 4

    Individuals whose occupations are concerned with planning, organizing, coordinating and/or supporting the activities of a social service program or community outreach organization.

  • YO-2000 Education/Library Science Occupations 2

    Individuals whose occupations are concerned with teaching children and/or adults; managing or maintaining libraries and related information and record systems, collections and facilities for research and general use; and/or providing related research, administrative and support services.

  • YO-3000 Health Care Occupations 6

    Individuals whose occupations involve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of human and animal ailments.

  • YO-4950 Media and Communications Occupations 1

    Individuals whose occupations are concerned with the technical aspects of radio and television broadcasting; motion picture or stage productions; writing, publishing and distributing books, magazines, journals, newspapers and other print materials; reporting the news; public relations; or other forms of involvement in the media and communications industries.

  • YO-6200 Production/Processing Occupations 1

    Individuals whose occupations are concerned with production tasks such as setting up, operating, adjusting, and tending machines; hand production work; and/or tasks which involve refining, mixing, compounding, chemically treating, heat treating or similarly working with materials and products.

  • YO-7900 Sales and Related Occupations 2

    Individuals whose occupations are concerned with advertising, marketing and/or selling goods and services such as insurance, real estate, securities and financial services or business services such as advertising, building maintenance, credit reporting or printing.

  • YO-8200 Service Occupations 11

    Individuals whose occupations are concerned with preparing and serving food and drinks in commercial, institutional or other establishments; providing housing, lodging and related services; providing grooming, cosmetic and other personal and health care services for children and adults; attending to the comfort or requests of patrons of amusement and recreation facilities; cleaning the interiors of buildings; maintaining grounds; or providing other services such as animal care and training, funeral and mortuary services, travel industry services or care for apparel and furnishings that meet the personal needs of individuals and commercial entities. Included are occupations that involve performing tasks in and around private households.