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Material Goods Donation Information/Matching Services

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  • TI-5000 Material Goods Donation Information/Matching Services 2

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    Programs that provide information that helps individuals and organizations donate or exchange unwanted but still usable material goods. Included are programs that provide information about organizations that accept donations, matching programs that attempt to find donated materials on organizational "wish lists", exchange programs that allow people to post or publish information about material goods they wish to donate which can be accessed by people who may want them and programs that allow people with useful skills to exchange their time for donated goods.

  • TI-5000.5200 Materials Exchange Programs 2

    Programs that provide a mechanism that allows people and organizations to dispose of unwanted but reusable goods and materials by making them available to others who might be able to use them. Participants contact one another directly to arrange the actual exchange. Included are programs that produce directories of unwanted materials that people can purchase or acquire at no cost and those that allow people to post information about such materials on a website. Materials exchange programs help find a useful life for goods that would otherwise be discarded, thus reducing the volume and cost of solid waste disposal.