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Protective Services

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  • PH-6500 Protective Services 236

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    Programs that provide investigation and intervention services to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals who are vulnerable to abuse, neglect and/or exploitation.

  • PH-6500.0500 Adult Protective Services 116

    Programs that provide assistance for adults who are unable to act on their own behalf or manage their own affairs, or who are in immediate danger due to physical or emotional abuse, unsafe or hazardous living conditions, exploitation, neglect or abandonment.

  • PH-6500.1500 Children's Protective Services 120

    Programs that investigate reports of child abuse, neglect or abandonment; document substantiated cases; provide for the temporary placement of children who, for their own protection, have been removed from the custody of the adults who are responsible for their care; work with families who are experiencing a problem with child abuse with the objective of facilitating continued family unification or reunification; and provide ongoing supportive services for children in permanent placement.