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Topics for "Companionship"

  • PH-1400 Companionship 941

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    Programs that provide friendship and shared activities and/or appropriate role models for individuals who suffer from lack of company, loneliness or social isolation; who need emotional support from a "buddy" to cope with a difficult life situation; who need practice conversing in English; or who lack the companionship and guidance of an adult or figure or peer role model.

  • PH-1400.1900 Friendly Outreach Programs 93

    Programs that reach out to people who are hospitalized or in another institutional setting, are socially isolated due to disability or old age, or otherwise lack companionship with the objective of brightening their day and helping them to maintain contact with the outside world. Included may be in-person visits, telephone calls, Internet chat sessions or other forms of contact.

  • PH-1400.5000 Mentoring Programs 783

    Programs that provide companionship, guidance and/or role models for individuals who are disadvantaged because of age, income, physical or developmental disabilities or family environment.

  • PH-1400.6500 Peer to Peer Networking 72

    Programs that link individuals who have a particular disability or condition or have specific types of life experiences and are interested in meeting or corresponding with others who have similar disabilities, conditions or experiences for the purpose of information sharing and support.

  • PH-1400.8500 Traveling Companions 5

    Programs that offer the services of individuals who are willing to accompany people who would otherwise have to travel alone during their journey.