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Environmental Protection and Improvement

Topics for "Environmental Protection and Improvement"

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    Programs that conserve endangered land, water, energy, wildlife and other natural resources; establish and enforce minimum standards for environmental quality which promote the health and well-being of the public; develop and implement beautification programs; and support other initiatives that protect and enhance the physical environment.

  • JD-1500 Conservation 4

    Programs that protect our natural resources from abuse, neglect, waste or exploitation and preserve their availability for future generations.

  • JD-6500 Pollution Control 1

    Programs that develop and enforce compliance with regulations which seek to ensure that communities have a clean and healthful environment that is free from air and water pollution, pesticides and other hazardous substances, damaging radiation and excessive levels of noise; and which monitor pollution levels, investigate complaints regarding violations and, when warranted, initiate litigation against individuals and organizations who have failed to comply with environmental protection regulations.